Monster Hunter Movie Trailer: Milla Jovovich vs. Black Diablos


One of the big questions Monster Hunter fans have about director Paul WS Anderson’s vision for the franchise is quite simple: What are his monsters like?

We finally got a taste of Anderson’s interpretation on Saturday, thanks to a clip released at Comic Con Russia. In the brief preview of the film, star Milla Jovovich, playing a character named Lieutenant Artemis, comes face to face with a Black Diablos.

The Black Diablos are pretty gnarled monsters and can often be one of the most memorable fights in the series. In the Monster Hunter games she has appeared in (yes, apparently all Black Diablos are female Diablos and their color changes while they are in heat), Black Diablos can buy sand and ambush their opponents. with giant horns or tail swing. Here is some gameplay from Monster Hunter: World in comparison.

With Jovovich, Monster hunter stars Tony Jaa, TI, Ron Perlman, Diego Boneta and Meagan Good. Capcom has also just announced the next iteration of the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise, pour Nintendo Switch.

After returning in April, Monster hunter is now officially headed to theaters in December, according to the teaser. Be sure to tune in to the coverage of Polygon’s New York Comic Con next week, where we’ll be hosting an exclusive new 1: 1 interview with Anderson along with another preview.


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