Mikel Arteta’s comments on Mesut Ozil when they were teammates sheds light on the relationship


Mesut Ozil revealed his anger and disappointment on Wednesday after learning that Arsenal had excluded him from their 25-man Premier League squad. The German, who is the club’s highest paying and longest-serving player, wrote: “I am really deeply disappointed that I am not signed up for the Premier League season yet.

“When signing my new contract in 2018 I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that it has not been returned the favor.

“As I just found out, loyalty is hard to come by these days.

“I always tried to stay positive week to week that there might be a chance to come back to the team soon. This is why I have remained silent until now.

Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil were teammates in 2013

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“Before the coronavirus outbreak I was really happy with the development under the guidance of our new coach Mikel Arteta – we were positive, I would say my performance was at a very good level.

“But things changed, again, and I was no longer allowed to play football for Arsenal. ”

Ozil’s snub has been the subject of much criticism, with Jack Wilshere, Ian Wright and Gary Lineker among those showing their support for the German.

Former Ozil boss Arsene Wenger also had a few things to say about the snub, suggesting there needs to be more stuff behind the scenes at Arsenal.

Wenger told Sky Sports: “I don’t know what’s going on on a daily basis.

Ozil probably played his last game for Arsenal

“I’m just saying one thing, creative players are players who are perfectionists and they are sometimes a little more sensitive and they need to be encouraged.

“Because if I want to play a risky pass I have to be confident and creative, they create that pass that makes the team dangerous.

“Mesut Ozil is an exceptional footballer. What’s going on between him and the club right now seems to be more confrontational, it’s not [only] sports-based, I am convinced.

“This guy won things. He’s a world champion, he’s an exceptional footballer.

“Why isn’t he playing right now? I do not know. When you are a footballer, you have to respect your manager’s decision and fight to gain your trust and get back into the team. “

Arteta and Ozil train together in 2014

“He can fight, contrary to what people think, he can fight. And he is an exceptional footballer, he has enough quality to come back to the team. It is therefore up to him to regain his confidence. ”

It remains to be seen whether Ozil and Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta have become enemies behind the scenes of the Emirates.

But there is no evidence to suggest that Arteta’s decision to remove Ozil was based on anything other than football reasons, despite Wenger’s comment.

A look back at the couple’s relationship suggests that they enjoyed a very positive relationship, with Arteta showing nothing but respect for Ozil over the years.

Arsène Wenger has signed Ozil for Arsenal

In 2013, shortly after Arsenal signed Ozil, Arteta, who was himself a player at the time, said: “It was a great message from the club.

“Everyone was really expecting a top, top level player, probably a striker rather than a No 10, but in the end we had an amazing player and that gave everything a boost. the world, not just to us, but you can see people are excited again. to come and watch and that makes a big difference.

“A player like Ozil gives you a step up in terms of quality and gives you another player on the pitch who can decide the game for you. He has proven again that he can do it and it’s still great. that, the better your luck. ”

In 2014, he hit the same drum, saying, “When you have players like Ozil with all that it entails – his price, his personality – people will like him or not like him at all.

“When you’re an artist, you’re never going to play nine out of ten every week. It is much more difficult for a creative player to play at this level.

“The opposition is always trying to stop you, so sometimes you don’t shine. And then people ask, “Why don’t you shine? You didn’t do anything in the game. ”

“When that happens, we get criticized, especially when it happens in big games. But there is no denying that Ozil is a special player: his movement, his composure, his final ball is superb. ”

And finally in 2015, Arteta called the German a “man”.

“What I like most about Mesut is that he thinks to himself ‘I’m the man, I can keep the pressure up and when the team needs me I’m there to help us win the game. match ”, said Arteta.

Arteta accepted the role of Arsenal manager in 2019, taking the reins from Unai Emery.

Arteta couldn’t find a place for Ozil in his Arsenal squad

In his very first press conference, he made it a point to talk about Ozil’s importance to Arsenal, telling reporters: “He’s a huge player for this football club.

“Like I said before, what I want is to understand how they feel and what they need. It’s not so much what I need. You have to understand them. Sometimes with a conversation you get to understand a point.

“When you understand them, I can take the excuses away from them and focus on the things that are relevant and impact the team on and off the pitch.

Ozil is in his final year at Arsenal

“Of course, he’s a huge player. I work with him and I know when he clicks what he can do for the team. It’s my job to make the most of him, of course. ”

Whether Arteta admits he hasn’t done his job or whether the issues with Ozil run deeper is speculation at this point.

But for one reason or another, the German’s career at Arsenal is over, and perhaps his friendship with Arteta as well.

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