Midwestern Case Spike; Emergency France; Rules-abiding gym sparks epidemic


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Coronavirus cases are increasing throughout the Midwestern United States, with states such as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin recording a 25% increase in cases in the past 14 days. (NBC News)

At 8:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, the unofficial COVID-19 toll included 7,917,189 cases and 216,904 deaths. This represents 57,824 cases and 990 deaths compared to that time a day ago.

CDC Director Robert Redfield has warned that small household gatherings are the root cause of epidemics in the United States. (CNN)

France has declared a state of public health emergency due to recent epidemics, with officials imposing nightly curfews in major cities. Meanwhile, senior health officials face a criminal investigation into whether their responses at the start of the pandemic were too lax. (Reuters)

A study in Nature medicine identified Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Spain and England and Wales as the countries with the most excessive deaths during the pandemic. The United States was not included in the analysis.

President Trump touts his “immunity” to COVID-19. But because of its treatment with synthetic antibodies, scientists are wondering how true that could be. (New York Times)

Melania Trump said her son Barron had previously tested positive for the coronavirus, but is now negative and has never shown symptoms. (AP News)

A Wisconsin judge blocked a governor’s order to limit the indoor capacity of bars, restaurants and other spaces to 25 percent. (WDIO)

More than 60 coronavirus infections have been linked to a Canadian spin studio that followed all public health guidelines. (Washington Post)

Pfizer will become the first COVID vaccine maker to include children as young as 12 in its trials. (CNN)

But young and healthy people may not get a coronavirus vaccine until 2022, according to the WHO. (CNBC)

In addition to the latest wave of coronavirus in college football, University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban has tested positive. (ESPN)

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Last updated on October 15, 2020

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