Michigan woman returns home after 196 days in hospital with COVID


Deanna Hair wasn’t supposed to live, let alone come home. But the 67-year-old Michigan woman finally walked through her front door – with a walker – after battling COVID-19 for more than six months in hospital.Hair, of Ann Arbor, was discharged from hospital on Thursday after 196 days, nearly triple the time left for patients with the most severe coronavirus, mlive.com reported. However, she still needs a ventilator at night and cannot walk more than 50 feet without resting.

“It completely changed my life,” Hair told NBC News. “The whole process, from feeling unwell in the hospital, through recovery, rehabilitation and using a ventilator – it was all so exhausting.”

Hair and her husband, Ken, contracted the infection in late March. Her symptoms were mild: a high fever, a persistent cough, and vomiting.

Three days later, her long stay at Michigan Medicine began – and the problems never seemed to end. The blood stopped flowing to her colon, which the surgeons eventually had to remove. Then 10 weeks on a ventilator, several infections in the chest and stomach, and kidney failure, NBC reported.

Three times, the doctors called Hair’s husband and their three daughters to say goodbye.

“There was something about her fighting spirit that got her through this because not everyone in this situation would have done it,” Ken Hair, 71, told NBC.

In June, Hair was transferred from the COVID-19 Specialized Intensive Care Unit to the Regular Intensive Care Unit. Weeks later, she went to a simple hospital ward. In September, she finally began inpatient rehabilitation. Then, Thursday, the last OK to go home.

Deanna Hair
Deanna HairMLive / YouTube

Hair, however, has no illusions about the long way to go.

“I know it’s going to be tough, but I have my support system, which has been holding me and taking care of me since I entered this hospital,” she told NBC. “This is what kept me going and keeps pushing me forward.


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