Message from Matt Riddle’s Wife Calling WWE Superstars ‘Skinny Jiggly Fat’ Surfaces


Matt Riddle seems to have a bit of warmth with Seth Rollins. We don’t know exactly where this came from, but there could be multiple locations.We previously covered that a witness account said that Matt Riddle was trashy talking about WWE Superstars, including Seth Rollins, all weekend around Survivor Series 2019. There could have been another source of it. animosity for Rollins.

Lisa, wife of Matt Riddle, wrote an Instagram post in which she called out female WWE superstars for looking “skinny straight and jiggly fat.” She also used a photo of Becky Lynch from behind to illustrate her point. Riddle’s wife deleted the post, but it was captured onscreen and toured online.

“Calling several Main Roster Divas over the past two weeks for being straight skinny jiggly fat (not to say they aren’t pretty, just to say SQUAT). It’s funny because there were several wrestlers who asked to train with me. Each of them looks great in their equipment. They clearly know what they are doing (especially if they really want to train with yours). ALL females panic SQUAT and go HARD! I don’t have many photos of my rear in minimal clothing other than these two. Here’s a comparison of me, not caring what I look like, just trying to be strong, a decent Olympian, and a mother of 3 versus two women paid a ton of money for their looks. Rant over “

Seth Rollins grabbed the headlines when he said he was never interested in fighting Matt Riddle. We had no idea how hot between the two until then. It didn’t take long for more evidence to emerge that indicates that these two really don’t like each other very much.


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