Melania Trump details Covid disease and reveals her son Barron contracted it


She has now tested negative for the virus, as has her husband, President Donald Trump, according to her doctors.

“Of course, my mind immediately turned to our son,” she wrote. Barron Trump first tested negative after she and the president contracted Covid. But the teenager was tested again and came back positive. Trump says his son had “no symptoms” and has now tested negative.

The president told reporters Wednesday that Barron was “fine” when asked how his son was doing following Melania Trump’s trial.

As for her symptoms, the first lady wrote that they were “minimal, although they hit me all at once and it seemed like a roller coaster of symptoms in the days that followed.”

She said she had aches, cough, headache and was extremely tired.Unlike her husband, Melania Trump did not go to the hospital for treatment and remained in the White House residence, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

Likewise, Trump writes that she did not go for the same treatment as the president, she says she “took a more natural path”, relying on “vitamins and healthy eating”, and not on a cocktail of drugs.

Although the first lady recorded a few PSAs about wearing masks as her husband still laughed at their use, she also made high profile appearances without them – including the first presidential debate. She also gave an audience-filled Rose Garden speech at the Republican National Convention.

The first lady was also maskless at the Rose Garden most recently, at the announcement ceremony for Trump’s new Supreme Court candidate, an event that has since been called by Dr Anthony Fauci a possible Covid ‘super-broadcaster’ -19.

During solo events, including a trip last month to New Hampshire, her first trip since the start of the pandemic, the first lady wore a mask, except when boarding and exiting her government plane .

Since the first couple’s diagnosis, staff at the management residence have taken precautions to protect themselves and others, including wearing masks and personal protective equipment, according to a statement from the first lady’s office.

The president, however, has shown little concern about the spread of the virus, traveling in recent days to speak in front of crowds of thousands, and has said baselessly he is now “immune” to the virus. He has also shown little empathy for others who have fallen ill or who have lost family and friends to Covid-19, choosing instead to poke fun at those – especially his rival, Joe Biden – who wear masks and practice social distancing between the CDC and the public. health guidelines.

CNN’s Maegan Vazquez contributed to this report.


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