Mel Sykes, 50, kisses Toyboy, 23, just a day after meeting him on the Venice gondola


Mamma Mia! Melanie Sykes flew to the Italian city of love… and kicked a gondolier over half her age.The TV host, 50, was on vacation in Venice with a pal – but as our photos show, she was also busy building bridges with Riccardo Simionato, 23.

Former model and mother of two Mel is said to have fallen in love with Riccardo after wowing her with a few strokes of the oar during a gondola trip last Sunday.

And less than 24 hours later, the couple were pictured kissing.

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The mask pair for tourism

Mel and gondolier share a kiss

Boddingtons’ former daughter Mel posted a photo of a ride with Riccardo saying she was “just a little dizzy”.

But the holiday romance ended Thursday when Riccardo drove Mel’s suitcase on a water taxi.

He kept his arm around her as they drove to Marco Polo airport before saying goodbye.

Beaming Mel enjoys a hug

A hotel employee said: “They seemed completely enamored.

“You could tell she was older than him but she looks amazing and it was no surprise to see a younger man with her.

“They were a very nice couple. ”

When the Sunday Mirror tracked down Riccardo, he was singing to attract customers.

She’s having fun in Venice

At first he claimed he didn’t know who Mel was, saying, “I don’t remember. I meet a lot of people in this profession. ”

But he quickly changed his mind, admitting, “I first met her as a client but I can’t talk about it.

Blushing Riccardo refused to kiss and say.

When asked if he preferred English women to locals, he replied, “Every person is different. Nationality does not matter. True, right?

Gentleman Ricky helps Mel board a cab home

The former boss laughed when asked if he always chooses older women and declined to say if Mel was the same age as his mother, who he still lives with.

Yesterday, Mel was back home in Britain with her sons Roman, 18, and Valentino, 16, from her first marriage to actor Daniel Caltagirone, of Italian descent.

Meanwhile, Riccardo, known as Ricky, was 975 miles away looking for new customers for his € 80 (£ 72) 30-minute rides.

Locals say it regularly attracts the attention of female tourists.

Mel is fabulous at fifty with model looks

He also posted a series of glamorous photos of himself, including one wearing only a tiny pair of trunks.

Her latest Instagram selfie was posted Thursday – complete with a blinking emoji and the words, “Everything is so ridiculous. ”

A fellow gondolier wrote: “Satisfied boy.

A barista who saw Riccardo and Mel kissing in Campo dei Frari Square said: “I didn’t know how much older she was.

Giddy Mel in line gondola

“Ricky’s dad is a gondolier too – she’s pretty much the right age for him!”

“All second generation gondoliers are like Latin lovers.

“They get a lot of attention from female tourists, especially Ricky.

“But I’ve never seen him kiss any of them before.

” He’s a good boy. He is very charming and knows how to win the ladies with his patter. “

Mel looked in a good mood

Mel has been outspoken about dating young lovers. She said: “Young men are often attracted to me and very open with me.

“Men my age tend to have closed their doors in one way or another.

“Young men don’t seem to have that reserve about approaching a strong woman.

“Older men see my independence as a threat.”

The couple share a moving moment

She also revealed that she isn’t so drawn to lovers across the country.

She said: “I’m a little sorry for the British men, who adopted the limited vocabulary of TV character Keith Lemon when talking about and with women…

“It would be a miracle if one of these men really took off.

During her getaway to Venice, Mel told fans online, “I will be back. “

Mel and gondolier share a kiss

But Riccardo says he hasn’t received any messages since she left the City of Canals.

And when asked if it was over, he replied, “Done”.

Although it seems that Mel is in the gondola but not forgotten …

His ex files

Mel’s ex-husband is actor Daniel Caltagirone

Mel has had a string of young lovers since she and Daniel divorced in 2009.

Roofer Jack Cockings, 16 years younger, became her second husband in 2013, but they separated eight months later.

She is said to have dated pop star Olly Murs, who is 14 years younger, and was linked to German golfer Martin Kaymer, 15 years his junior. Other star dates include Bros frontman Matt Goss, 52, TV presenter Jamie Theakston, 49, and comedian Steve Coogan, 55.

Mel rose to prominence in the 90s in Boddingtons beer commercials and hosted various TV shows. She came third in I’m a Celeb in 2014.


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