Meghan Markle ‘scammed’ Netflix documentary in social media speech


Meghan Markle ‘scammed’ Netflix documentary in addictive social media speech

Meghan Markle’s virtual world conference has been criticized by social media users for its alleged plagiarism content.

Many social media users point out how eerily similar Meghan’s comments on social media and their drug-like drug are to her £ 1,342 lecture are to the Netflix documentary. The social dilemma.

Given the high price tag and the general disregard of many for the royal, the internet has gone out of its way to ensure the Duchess is aware of her weakness.

The statement in question which pissed off a lot of people included: “There is very little in the world where the person who engages with it is called a ‘user’. People addicted to drugs and people on social networks. ”

In comparison, in The social dilemma, said statistician Edward Tufte, “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software. ”

The main reason internet users got angry was because they thought Meghan Markle was clearly ‘scammed’ The social dilemma, yet had the nerve to say she hadn’t been on social media for over four years.

A social media user explained the social qualms behind Meghan’s comments, saying, “Omg, so Meghan paid to speak again for Fortune and ripped off the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma Theory on Social Media Users as addicted and had the cheek was not on it [social media] For four years? “

Another pointed out: ‘Meghan plagiarized her quotes from The social dilemma. Someone has clearly watched The Social Dilemma recently. ”


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