Meghan Markle could curb ‘awakened’ speeches after seeing Prince Harry’s relationship with family in danger, expert says


MEGHAN Markle could curb his ‘awakened’ speeches after realizing Prince Harry’s relationship with his family was in danger, an expert has said.

Appearing on True Royalty’s The Royal Beat, royal biographer Robert Lacey claimed that the Duchess of Sussex’s recent public engagements proved William was ‘right’ to have concerns about his sister-in-law.


Meghan could curb her ‘awakened’ speeches after realizing how much they affect Harry’s relationship with his familyCredit: FORTUNE

The expert – who is a historical consultant on Netflix’s The Crown – said: “Meghan is a self-taught woman; she became a star; she became a self-made millionaire. ”

In his new book Battle of Brothers, Robert claims that Prince William asked his uncle to warn Prince Harry “not to rush into marriage with Meghan Markle.

Robert told the program: “I think when William sat down with Harry and said that there might be some trouble, I think events proved him right. ”

However, the expert says Meghan could curb her upcoming speeches after realizing how they could put Harry’s relationship with his family at risk – as the Royals are supposed to remain politically neutral.

Royal author Robert Lacey says William was ‘right’ to worry about his sister-in-lawCredit: Getty – Contributor

The expert continued: “I think that [Meghan] came to realize how [some of her] the speeches endanger her husband’s relationship with family and maybe she will reverse some of those more extreme positions. ”

Earlier this week, Meghan was accused of ‘scamming’ Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma when she compared social media to a ‘drug’.

Republican Jason Smith also demanded that the couple be stripped of their royal titles after “meddling in the US election” after urging the public to “reject hate speech, disinformation and online negativity” in a statement. Time 100 special video.

In other Royal Family news, Meghan Markle has been accused of ‘scamming’ Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma into a social media ‘drugs’ speech.

And Meghan Markle took Prince Harry on a “secret visit to her high school in Los Angeles” where she performed as a child.

Additionally, Meghan was ‘desperate to be loved’ and ‘not worried about privacy’ in her now-deleted Instagram posts, an expert has revealed.

Royal author Robert Lacey says Meghan Markle was a ‘big deal’ for the royal family


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