McMaster: Putin is determined to ‘drag us all down’


Retired Lieutenant-General HR McMaster, former national security adviser to President Trump, said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “determined to train us all as the KGB operator that he is” through political subversion and disinformation.What he says: “He’s pretty good at it. He’s one of the best liars in the world, deceivers in the world. … Let’s stop being fools about it. Not true? “

  • “Russia operates on the theory that he (Putin) may be the last man standing because he believes he will succeed in shaking confidence in our democratic societies in Europe and in the United States in particular. .

The big picture: McMaster, who published a new book, “Battlegrounds,” said all presidents, not just Trump, are wrong in trying to foster a relationship, but “it’s not going to get better,” he said. .

  • “The reason why this is not the case is the ideology and the emotion that drives (Putin). He is driven by a sense of lost honor associated with the breakup of the Soviet Union and the loss of the Cold War, and then also with this desire to restore Russia. nationally, as I mentioned. ”

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