McDonald’s social media manager calls for help, brands give warm hug


Many companies have tried to inject more personality into their Twitter feeds to humanize their brands. Businesses often interact with each other on Twitter. A lot of them are competitive: Dunkin ‘and Wendy’s had an argument on Twitter in mid-October.

But McDonald’s Twitter conversation was actually heartwarming. Here is how it all happened.

Premier, McDonalds (MCD) tweeted: it’s always “when does the McRib come back” and never “how are you the person who manages the McDonald’s account”.

Then the responses started pouring in.


Starting a social media manager support group lmk if you want to join


Our DMs are full of “you sent me utensils for 4 but I ordered for one” but never “how was your day Grubhub (WATCH)? “And you know what, it hurts.


I never felt more seen. Like, I don’t know when House of the Dragon will premiere.

Unrelated: When is the McRib coming back?


We feel you… it’s always “when IBM (IBM) do computers again “never” how are you social media person ”


We hear you… everyone just wants to know when the Cakester returns

Pantene Pro-V

Not us cry to precision. It’s always “why did you get rid of that shampoo pump” so as not to “do nothing fun this weekend? “

PS We’re ready for Ronald to ditch his hair care routine

Pizza Hut

Facts. “Bring back Priazzo, Bigfoot, Cheesy Bites…” Checking the well-being of all social account managers.


If you ever want come relax at my place to talk about it, let me know.


How are you do the person who manages the McDonald’s account?

-Xoxo, person who manages the Target account.

Uber many

I feel seen. Honestly, I would have liked to have had a promo code for all of you, but it doesn’t.

The Twitter brand is here for you.


Your friend,

The person who manages the Walgreens account


same, but to be open 24 hours a day.


If you ever feel Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Bummed, We are always here if you need to talk about something… anything.


OMG yes! Like please don’t @ me if you are dumb.

Can we also be friends managing the McDonald’s account, we would make the perfect combo meal.


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