Mayor Bill de Blasio unveils New York’s 2-phase COVID-19 vaccination plan


NEW YORK (WABC) – Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about the city’s two-phase vaccination plan on Wednesday. “The vaccine will be a crucial part of our rebirth and will open the economic bridge to our recovery,” said Mayor de Blasio.Before revealing the plan, he said the city does not have an exact date for which the phases would occur, as it depends on the approval of the vaccine, but “it will be as soon as possible”.

The mayor said that in phase 1, the supply of COVID-19 vaccine will be limited.

In this phase, health workers, frontline and essential workers and vulnerable groups will be prioritized.

The city will register providers in the citywide immunization register.

They will also ensure that providers are informed about the vaccine.

During phase 2, efforts will be scaled up and the vaccine will be increasingly accessible to the general public.

The city will provide an adequate cold room.

They will continue to recruit and prepare community providers, including pharmacies, emergency care, private and public hospitals, and COVID testing sites.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr David Chokshi also spoke about the vaccination plan which includes:
– Monitoring vaccine science
– Registration and training of doctors and clinicians
– Adaptation of databases
– Detailed plans for physical distribution and storage.

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