Martin Lewis settles the argument that stores are even allowed to refuse cash payments


Money expert Martin Lewis just explained exactly when stores are forced to accept cash payments – and when they can say ‘no’.Speaking on ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Show, he was responding to a question from a viewer who asked, “If cash is legal tender, are businesses breaking the rules by only accepting cards.” ”

And, for once, the answer was simple.

“No, they don’t break any rules,” Martin said.

“You are only allowed to take a card as long as it doesn’t discriminate on race or disability or something. ”

But it raised the question of what exactly legal tender was.

“The legal tender is interesting,” said Martin.

“Legal tender has a strict definition.

“That means if a court has awarded you a debt, if someone tries to settle and pays in legal tender, you can’t refuse it.

“And that’s all it means. “

Stores are allowed to accept any payment method of their choice

He pointed out that in some parts of the country the only thing that is legal tender is, in fact, coins.

“In Scotland, no notes – neither the Bank of Scotland nor the Bank of England are legal tender. ”

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t legal.

“These are all legal currencies,” he added.

As to whether it’s time to move to a cashless society, Martin had made an excellent point.

“I know a lot of people are saying ‘why not just switch to a cashless society? “- I don’t want that, because there are a lot of vulnerable people who need money,” he said.

And there was good news ahead for people who depend on cash but struggle to stick with closing bank branches and removing ATMs.

“The government has said that once we leave the EU in January it will change the rules, so if you want to take money out of a supermarket you don’t have to buy anything,” he said. .

“And with ATM and bank branch closures that will come in handy. “


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