Market size torpedoed Canadian Football League video game licensing attempts


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The CFL has done business with Winter in the past, licensed by the league and the CFL Players Association. Football CFL ’99, a PC game produced by its former company Winter Valley Software. The CFL won’t return to the playing space until the fall of 2016, when the league partnered with EA Sports on a Madden Mobile game that incorporated Joe Theismann, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie, Warren Moon and Mike Vanderjagt, former players with experience in the CFL and NFL.

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CFL executives believed the collaboration would convince EA to approve DLC or DLC that would allow Madden players to play CFL rules with CFL players. But sources said EA wanted to see how mobile gaming played out before committing to anything more, and in the meantime encouraged the CFL to jump into the gaming space by d. other affordable ways.

Around this time, Winter met Christina Litz, then senior vice president of marketing for the CFL.

“We were on very different pages. I was talking about simulation football and they wanted an arcade game on the phone, ”Winter said. “They wanted something that a youngster could pick up, throw the ball onto the pitch and collect chips. I didn’t expect that kind of response. They decided that was what they wanted and we never made any progress on anything.

Instead, the CFL worked with another Canadian developer, Relish Interactive, on CFL Football Frenzy, an arcade-style game for mobile and tablet devices. Aimed at young people aged 8 to 14, it allowed players to play alone or as CFL stars in a seven-to-seven action. According to the CFL, Frenzy is a resounding success, with 750,000 downloads.


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