Mark Drakeford considers two-week coronavirus lockdown for ‘circuit breaker’ in Wales


Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has said he plans to implement a two-week breaker lockout across Wales.Mr Drakeford has also demanded urgent talks with the Prime Minister after it emerged that Number 10 rejected SAGE scientists’ measurement recommendations three weeks ago.

Speaking to John Pienaar on Times Radio, Mr Drakeford said his party would consider the measures in Wales.

He said: ‘We are very actively thinking here in Wales whether or not we should deploy such a short and specific response that would help give us a better chance later in the winter of dealing with the rise of a virus here. in Wales.

Coronavirus infection rates rise in Wales

“There are some very practical things we all need to think about. What would be the breaker measurements? How long would it take to last?

“What would be the impact on schools? What will be the flyer for short leavers like this and we are working hard on that detail here in the Welsh government this afternoon. ”

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Drakeford also said: ‘We should collectively discuss which breaker options could best be used to bring the virus – and the R number – under control across the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resisted calls for a two-week lockdown

Premier of Wales Mark Drakeford

“I would therefore ask you again to urgently convene a new meeting of the COBR (M) specifically to discuss the measures relating to the circuit breakers. ”

He also said he wanted the message to go out that people coming from areas at high risk for coronavirus in England were not welcome in Wales.

“There will be no one at the border, there will be no physical barrier of any kind. They will be a powerful message to the people: they must not come to Wales in low incidence areas…

Shoppers in Newport, Wales

“I need a rule in the regulations. And then we can apply it correctly. And I don’t know why the Prime Minister is prepared to rely on directives that cannot be implemented when he could just put them in regulations. like we did in Wales, and then its application becomes simple

Today, Keir Starmer put additional pressure on Number 10 after also supporting calls for a circuit breaker lockout in a bid to reduce coronavirus infection rates.

He said a two to three week national lockdown over half the term was needed to improve testing and tracing and prevent “sleepwalking in a long, dark winter.”

He told a televised press conference that Mr Johnson “is no longer following scientific advice” by proposing “much less stringent restrictions” than those suggested by SAGE.

Mr Starmer said: “It is no longer time to give the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt. The government’s plan simply does not work. Another way is necessary. “


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