Manitoba potato company fined $ 30,000 for workplace injury in 2018


A company in southwestern Manitoba is fined more than $ 30,000 after a worker suffered a serious hand injury in 2018.Manitoba occupational safety and health officials sue Shilo Farms Ltd. after the left hand of a Carberry worker came in contact with the exposed chain and sprockets of a conveyor belt in April 2018.

The potatoes travel along conveyors to a seed processing drum, and the injury occurred while the employee was inspecting that drum, according to a press release from the province on Saturday.

The worker suffered serious hand injuries, according to the province.

Following an investigation, Shilo Farms – a farming business that mainly grows potatoes and had around 40 employees at the time of the injury – was fined $ 28,675 and an additional $ 2,000, which will be used to inform the public about occupational safety and health.

CBC News reached out to the company for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

Occupational safety and health officials are taking the opportunity to remind employers to make sure their workplaces are safe and that protective measures are in place for machinery.

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