Manchester coronavirus infection rate continues to rise – cases double every week


Manchester coronavirus cases are doubling every week, new figures suggest. The latest figures from Public Health England (PHE) show Manchester’s infection rate – the number of positive coronavirus tests per 100,000 in the local population – rose again to 561.7 for the seven days until October 2.

This means that around 0.5% of the people in the region tested positive during the relevant week.

The infection rate in Manchester is globally double that of the rest of Greater Manchester.

Figures suggest the number of cases in Manchester is doubling every week.

Manchester recorded 3,105 positive tests the week before October 2, up from 1,444 the week before.

This represents a weekly increase of 115%.

It is the first place in the country to register an infection rate above 500.

No other part of the country has ever recorded an infection rate above 500, although there are now many more tests than at the height of the first wave of the pandemic in April and May. Then, only hospitalized people were tested.

The new figures represent the first week that the ten members of Greater Manchester recorded an infection rate of more than 200.

Coronavirus infection rate in Greater Manchester for the week ending October 3, 2020

Previously there had been a figure below 200 for Stockport, but the latest figures show the city recorded 202.8 positive tests per 100,000 residents in the week in question.

The total number of cases in Stockport (595) nearly doubled in one week.

Bolton, where there has been a strict local lockdown for a longer period, recorded 722 positive tests during the week, up just 10 from the previous week.

The ten arrondissements have been, and remain, on “red alert” where the PES requires local intervention.

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After Manchester, Rochdale (305.7) has the second highest infection rate followed by Salford (293.6), Bury (272.3), Bolton (251.1), Oldham (250.9), Wigan (239.5), Tameside (222.1) and finally Stockport (202.8).

The average infection rate for England is 108.6.


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