Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey fined $ 15,625 per league in post-game fight


NFL fined Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey $ 15,625 over his involvement in a post-game fight with New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate, a source said to Chris Mortensen from ESPN. Tate was not fined.

The fight came moments after the Rams defeated the Giants 17-9 in Week 4.

When speaking to reporters this week, Ramsey avoided several questions about the incident. “No comment,” Ramsey said, when asked what happened after the game.

When asked if he expected to be sanctioned by the NFL, Ramsey replied, “I already said no comment, but no. “

And when asked if he had spoken to Rams coach Sean McVay or his teammates about the fight, Ramsey said, “Are you going to keep telling me without comment? Is this what you all want? We are going to talk about football. , man.

“Everyone has responded already and I keep telling you no comments, so I won’t go into – we won. We are talking about football. We have the Washington football team this week and that’s what’s important. , honestly. ”

Giants coach Joe Judge told reporters this week that Tate failed to throw the first punch. “All I can say is that the story I got from a number of our players was that there is a story, obviously, between them,” Judge said. “There was a punch. Golden was defending himself. I was told it wasn’t he who threw the punch. Everyone involved was trying to break it. I can tell both our players and the staff and the Rams players. what I saw with my own eyes, was all in there, just trying to break it. ”

Ramsey and Tate have had some sort of public feud over a family situation for the past year or so. Ramsey has two young daughters with Tate’s younger sister, Breanna.

Similar to Ramsey, Tate deflected several questions about the incident when asked this week, but he laughed when it was suggested during a video conference with reporters that he won the fight because he there were no bruises on his face.

“I had my helmet on,” said Tate, who admitted to speaking with Breanna and Judge about the fight. ” [Judge] took my word for it and we continued. It was sort of. ”

McVay said Ramsey would not be sanctioned by the team and that he discussed the incident with him.

” I talked to him. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, we can’t allow some of these things to stop you from knowing if this ended up being something bad for you or for our football team. McVay said. “Jalen is a smart guy, there are a lot of emotions. As for the details, you know, they’re grown men, I didn’t go into the ”he said, she said. It was really more in the sense of being smart. ”

McVay added that the place to relieve frustration is on the field.

Ramsey demonstrated this in the fourth quarter when he equalized Tate for a one yard loss after Tate made a short catch on the third down.

Jordan Raanan, ESPN Editor, contributed to this report.


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