London lockdown: Sadiq Khan ashamed for demanding restrictions – then blames government | UK | News


The mayor of London continued to warn of the rapid surge in COVID-19 infections across London, demanding that the government impose further restrictions in an attempt to bring the pandemic under control in the city. Earlier this week, Mr Khan warned that it was inevitable that London would cross a ‘trigger point’ to enter the higher level 2 coronavirus restrictions – a decision which was confirmed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock just 48 hours later in the House of Commons.

The mayor of London has accepted the decision to increase restrictions across the capital, warning that it is “better to act sooner than to act too late”.Now Mr Khan has aimed at yet another subtle dig in the government while again demanding additional targeted support to help businesses operating in the overnight economy.

He was reacting to a report that 105 nightclubs in London have joined, being forced to warn the government that more than half of them could be forced to shut down permanently in a month if they don’t receive additional help.

The mayor tweeted: “London’s nightclubs and nightlife economy were thriving before COVID-19. As the government imposes new restrictions on London, I also call for additional targeted support to help these vital businesses survive. “

But those comments sparked a furious reaction, with one person raging: “I gasp at double talk.

“From a mayor who is being harassed and harassed to increase restrictions in London. Now react against the consequences and blame the government.

“The Conservatives have a lot of things we should be holding them to account, but Labor cannot shy away from taking responsibility for this one. ”

Another furious person tweeted: ‘The brightest and the best live in London. They will see through this gas.

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“It was you who called for more severe restrictions!

“It was time for you to take responsibility and seek an alternative solution instead of blaming others for your failures. ”

Earlier this week, Mr Khan gave his backing to the government’s decision to upgrade London to Level 2 of the new lockdown system.

But he also called on the government to provide immediate financial support to affected businesses, local authorities and “vulnerable Londoners struggling to get by”.

The Mayor of London said: “It has been demonstrated time and time again that it is better to act sooner than to act too late.

“I am not prepared to put the lives of Londoners in danger and we must do everything possible to minimize the economic damage.

“I know these additional restrictions will force Londoners to make even more sacrifices, but the disastrous failure of the Test, Trace and Isolate system leaves us with little choice. “


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