London lockdown fury: Hundreds storm Downing Street to demand ‘freedom’ | UK | News


Police lined the streets as people marched with banners declaring the virus a hoax. Others read “I’m not going to vaccinate” and “Martial law is coming, think it’s still a health issue?” The protesters were mostly unmasked as they passed through central London. The group included Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who had previously been fined £ 10,000 for staging a rally.

A man dressed as a clown spoke out against local lockdowns.A man wearing a high visibility vest was filmed telling people to stay in groups of six “or they would be punished”.

The protest members told each other not to “give him oxygen” and keep walking, mocking the protest.

This is not the first anti-lockdown protest to take place – at the end of September 16 people were arrested and nine police officers injured following clashes in London.

Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square in a “we do not consent” rally.

The latest protest comes as the Prime Minister is set to announce tighter lockdown restrictions on Monday, with pubs and restaurants in the north of England generally expected to be told to close.

A 10pm curfew at reception venues has been in place across England, Wales and Scotland for just over two weeks.

Boris Johnson will reveal full details of a new, streamlined locking system in a statement in the House of Commons.

This could mean that one in five of all English pubs are closing temporarily.

Evidence presented to MPs by England’s chief medical officer suggests 30% of infections come from hospitality.

Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the City of Liverpool area, told Sky News he was told the area will be placed under Level 3 measures, the most restrictive form, from next Wednesday and that he was looking for more details from the government.

Leaders in northern England have urged the government to provide more liquidity to support areas that face tighter restrictions, or risk “leveling out” the region.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has said that accepting Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s financial package would be “delivering” people to hardship as Christmas approaches.

In Scotland, until 25 October, pubs, bars and restaurants will be closed in five areas of the board of health – Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Lanarkshire, Forth Valley, Lothian and Ayrshire and Arran – affecting more than three million people.

These venues may offer take-out service, and cafes in the central belt are allowed to remain open during the day but cannot serve alcohol.


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