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“Re: Michelle Peters-Jones” Superb Hopes ” [42 min], as comrade Gooner, I can tell you that she should * really * know exercise by now, ”sighs Grant Tennille.


Mi-temps: Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal

Minamino came within an inch of the lead in the closing seconds of a half where nothing else of note happened.


45 + 1 min: Action! Leno dives to his left to clear Jota’s header from the corner of the penalty area. He flies to Minamino who tries to redirect him towards the goal four meters with his left foot … but he crashes on the crossbar!


45 min: Milner throws the free kick into the penalty area, where Gabriel drives it away.


44 min: Liverpool want a penalty after Ceballos tripped Jota… but the referee says the foul took place just outside the box, to the right. Liverpool will have to settle for a free kick from a difficult shooting angle.


42 min: Saka is taken offside. “I’m at the dentist and watching the game,” reveals Mchelle Peters-Jones. “I hope the dentist doesn’t finish my fill-in early, which means I’ll have to use data to complete the game instead of taking advantage of its excellent wifi. In the meantime, this Arsenal team gives me all kinds of hope. But that’s what I also say every year. Are you under anesthesia?


40 min: This terrible match desperately needs someone to run to the bathroom.


38 min: Jones has fun performing a rabona cross. But he doesn’t put enough lightness on it, so he can’t beat the first man.


36 min: I’m not saying this game is getting almost unbearably boring, but even the fake fans have been very silent. they’re probably on their fake phones reading fake news.


34 min: Jones unloads one from the corner of the box. He bounces just before Leno, who holds him without any problem.


32 min: Jones and Salah conspire on the right and briefly threaten to penetrate the visiting defense, but Arsenal cleverly tighten up to slow Liverpool down and ultimately push them back.


30 minutes: Despite a fairly bright opening, the first half hour was generally gloomy.


28 min: Salah receives the ball just inside half of Arsenal in central position. Then he dabs a useful bullet towards Jota, but Holding tries to steer him clearly.


26 min: Xhaka frees Saka with a nice pass on the left. The winger delivers a nice cross to Nketiah, but Rhys Williams dives with a clear head.


24 min: The game is going through a lull. “Was Christopher Lee an Arsenal fan and is their away kit a tribute to his Dracula? Tom Gould wonders. I don’t know about his football allegiances, but I know Lee was a huge fan of heavy metal – and even made an epic contribution to the genre – so maybe he approves of Klopp’s style?


20 min: Milner improvises quickly to push the ball away from Willock after a strong touch in the center circle of Van Dijk.


18 min: Jota tries to get past Holding on the left but the defender does well to destabilize him, and a heavy touch gives Arsenal a throw-in.


15 min: Minamino booked for a late tackle on Saka.



14 min: Arsenal try to tap the point to get out of the back and get out about 10 yards from their box before being engulfed by men in red.


12 min: Jota twists an eight-yard-wide shot after some smart work on the left from Jones and Grujic. The ball got to Jota very quickly and he just couldn’t adjust his foot fast enough to guide the shot to the target.


11 min: Wilson passes over a wedge in the wings. Gabriel beats van Dijk at the near post and walks towards another, which Leno secures.


8 min: A dangerous attack by Arsenal! They freed Pepe on the left wing and he headed for the secondary line before falling back on a teammate, who cleverly dodged the shot and passed it sideways to Nketiah. Adrian was superbly able to quickly come out to the front and flip the ball as Nketiah tried to take it around him.


6 min: Salah plays a risky pass to the face from his own surface and is relieved to see Van Dijk clear before Nketiah can intercept.


4 min: Xhaka almost dispossesses Grujic halfway but the youngster keeps his cool and holds back the Arsenal captain before recycling possession.


3 min: Liverpool closed the ball well, Grujic and Neco Williams getting nice confident touches at the start.


2 min: It is already clear that Liverpool intend to lobby as devilishly as their first team did on Monday, and Arsenal will try to play again.


Klack, klack, klack. The players stroll through the tunnel and exit onto Anfield lawn. Liverpool are dressed in their familiar red; Arsenal carries this exterior kit inspired by bathroom tiles.


The thoughts of managers before the game


“I don’t care what happens in this match, there is no way there is a goal as good as the one Saïd Benrahma scored about 10 minutes ago against Fulham”, yells JR from the ‘Illinois. “You should stop what you’re doing and find a way to watch it. Everyone should. Brentford just beat Fulham 3-0. Maybe Tony Khan will try to buy Benrahma? Someone certainly should.


“Evening Paul, do we know what constitutes handball for tonight’s festivities? Gary Byrne asks. No need to worry about that Gary, I’ve heard that both teams will be wearing club straitjackets.


“I think it will be very interesting to see Minamino play in the role in which Firmino has won in this Liverpool team,” said Mike Gleeson. “Harry Wilson apparently playing in a central midfielder is also a curious decision, but it seems like the only place for him in this Liverpool side, especially with the signing of Diogo Jota. Indeed, Jota could also play this role of Firmino.



“Still no William Saliba! fumes Will Butler. “What’s the point of spending so much money on a player if you’re never going to use it?” Let’s continue there, Will. Just because he didn’t feature in the first few weeks of the season doesn’t mean he never going to be used. Remember he is only 19 and arriving in a new league and country last season uncertain with Saint-Étienne – it makes sense to give him time to prepare, on the pitch training and elsewhere, before launching it into action. It doesn’t make sense to deploy it before it’s ready for everyone to consider it a bad buy.




“Still no sign of Rhian Brewster, even on the bench,” notes Robert Lin. “I haven’t heard any news about a transfer for about a week. What is going on? Big fallout with Klopp? The signs are that he will leave the club before the transfer window closes, either on loan or permanently. But that would be for financial and development reasons rather than for spinoffs; indeed it is said that Liverpool still esteem him so much that they would like a buyout clause included if they sold him.


The teams




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