Liverpool and Manchester United forced to abandon Big Picture project


But on the other side, PBP Architects claimed the proposals had shifted the agenda, forcing the Premier League to announce a new £ 50million ‘bailout’ for Ligue 1 and League 2 and consider many of the issues raised in their paper. . The Premier League statement promised to work on “the future structures and financing of English football” encompassing “the structure of the competition, the calendar, the governance and the financial viability”.Sources said Liverpool and United believed they had set the agenda, securing the bailout for the third and four levels of the game and both clarified that during the meeting neither of them agreed. was apologized for his role in PBP. They will continue to support Rick Parry, the president of the EFL, who has been the public face of PBP and won the support of the vast majority of its members for its proposals.

During the meeting, representatives of United and Liverpool were told by other clubs that it was the process that caused the greatest offense. The clubs believe that no discussion, however radical, should have been made public. There have been strong statements against PBP from many, including representatives from Everton, Southampton and West Ham. There was skepticism over the argument from United and Liverpool officials that the PBP remained an idea rather than a plan.

It has been repeatedly pointed out that the Premier League remains so attractive to broadcasters due to its fair revenue sharing model which makes it an exciting competitive league in which the games are close. If that were to be lost, both Liverpool and United were told, revenues would plummet and ultimately the league would not be able to attract the best players in the world.

Speaking later, Premier League general manager Richard Masters admitted that all clubs had contributed to the debate and that he believed the collective remained intact. He said: “In fact, the type of solidarity within the collective is incredibly strong. It takes a lot to take it apart. And so while there has been a lot of things said and done, a lot of speculation over the past four days, I don’t think it has damaged the Premier League irreparably. And I think today’s meeting proved it.

Masters said the PBP disclosure on Sunday did not “force” the Premier League to look into what it was not doing. “The review was already underway before Sunday’s revelations,” he said. “No one was forced. What has happened is that everyone is now focusing on that and we have agreed to do another type of review focused on the big issues and at a faster pace.

On the issue of Parry, who all 20 clubs see as the PBP’s chief agent provocateur, Masters appeared to accept that he would have no choice but to work with the EFL president. “We need to have a constructive relationship with the EFL,” he said. “We have no problem with the EFL, certainly not with their bigger clubs. We are their biggest partner and we have a historic relationship with them and we have to find a way to work with them.

Parry has the support of around 65 of his 72 members for PBP and could indicate some movement on the proposed long bailout. Although it is well below the £ 250million pledged in advance by PBP, as part of 25% of all television revenue going forward, a plan is now in place to help Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 in accordance with government expectations. .

This will represent £ 50million in grants and interest-free loans from the Premier League, on top of the £ 27.2million it advanced to League One and League Two from future solidarity payments. There was no deal with the championship. The Premier League said talks will continue with the EFL on behalf of the 24 second tier clubs.

Master said £ 20 million would be made available as “unconditional grants”. “The remaining £ 30 million is a big deal, a mix of grants and loans, depending on people’s needs. If there are any conditions associated with it, they will need to be discussed and agreed with the EFL. It’s interest free, paid off over a period of time and hopefully it’s something people bond with. “


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