Live 2020 polls: Last chances as Trump follows Biden in three battlefield stats


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden
Speaking in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, the president told supporters in the Sunshine State, “If Florida turns blue, it’s over. It’s over… The heart and soul of this country are at stake in Florida. It’s up to you to decide. key. “

Mr Biden is in Iowa on Friday while his running mate, Kamala Harris, is due to travel to Texas as the Democratic ticket targets another large red state. Mr Trump is returning to Wisconsin and Michigan in a bid to bolster support with 81.1 million ballots already submitted before election day Tuesday.


Biden leads Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania

According to the latest Hill / Harris poll, Donald Trump is lagging behind his electoral rival Joe Biden in three crucial states, losing by narrow margins in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

“Joe Biden’s position in major swing states at the dawn of the past week suggests that Trump has so far been unable to generate enough momentum to close the gap,” pollster comments Mark Penn.

The challenger leads the president by three points in Florida, from 50% to 47%, with three% still undecided (who are they ?!)

In North Carolina, North Carolina, Biden’s lead is just one point: 49-48 percent. Again, three percent of respondents said they did not know who to vote for – even at this late stage in the process.

His biggest lead, however, is in his native Pennsylvania, where he is five years ahead – a vote of 51% to 46% for Trump.

“In Florida, Trump has a strong Latino vote for a Republican but has issues with older women concerned about the coronavirus,” comments Penn.

“In North Carolina, Trump gets little or no black votes and is in the suburbs to shut down a state that should be winning.

“In Pennsylvania, Trump has strong rural support, but is cornered by Biden in the suburbs, where the Democrat leads far.”

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