Lily James appears on ‘Tonight Show’, doesn’t talk about Dominic West


Don’t count on Jimmy Fallon to ask the hard-hitting questions.After canceling various appearances this week as she deals with the fallout of her alleged affair with married Dominic West, Lily James has finally kept one.

The British actress, 31, appeared on “The Tonight Show” virtually on Wednesday to promote her new Netflix movie, “Rebecca,” but Fallon did not mention West or any of the dramas surrounding her.

Instead, as is typical of “The Tonight Show,” the two paled around discussing rumors of a third “Mamma Mia! »Film and his experience with ghosts.

James has not commented publicly on his trip to Rome with West, 51, although the former “Affair” star and his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, posed for photos and said their marriage “is strong.”

Since then, FitzGerald has flown to Ireland on a “work trip”.


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