Led by Coyotes, UND and USA Hockey, the world of hockey failed Mitch Miller


When it comes to the Mitch Miller saga – and I sincerely hope this is the last time I write about it – it’s important to note that there is, has been and always will be only one victim in all of this. And it’s a young man named Isaiah Meyer-Crothers. For him to endure what he did at the hands of Miller and another boy and come out the other side is remarkable.That being said, there have been a lot of people in the hockey world who failed Mitch Miller, the two biggest being the Arizona Coyotes and the University of North Dakota, with USA Hockey in third. There are people who will rightly claim that this is the first time outside of court that Miller has been held accountable for his actions and that the consequences that are normally only felt by the victim finally trickle down to the abuser. Regardless of what you think of Mitch Miller at the moment, he’s lost a lot. He had the dream of being drafted by an NHL team that was entrusted to him and then taken away. The same goes for his place on the UND hockey team. Which team is going to take it now and allow it to grow? As a fourth-round pick, the odds were always stacked against him who played in the NHL, but if he can’t find teammates and opponents to challenge him, that’s anything but one. done.


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