‘LeBron James hasn’t overtaken Michael Jordan’: Magic Johnson explains how Lakers star can be the GOAT


Magic Johnson believes LeBron James is not the GOAT because he hasn’t won as many championships as Michael Jordan.

The debate over who is the best player in NBA history has been ripe since LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won a bubble championship in Game 6 against the Miami Heat.

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Everyone from NBA analysts to NBA casuals on the internet have tried to put their 2 cents in this debate over whether LeBron James has passed Michael Jordan as a GOAT.

Now Lakers legend Magic Johnson has also gone out publicly to talk about what is better.

Magic Johnson says LeBron James still has some catching up to do

Magic Johnson appeared in an interview with Stephen A. Smith following the 2020 Lakers title win and sat down to talk about the events that have unfolded in the past 48 hours.

When asked to clarify who he believes to be the GOAT, Magic said, β€œIt’s hard to say he’s passed Michael Jordan at 4 championships. Once he (LeBron) wins and also repeats, then there’s a good point.

Magic also reiterated that James would have to repeat as the NBA champion to be considered equal to Michael Jordan.

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Magic congratulates the Lakers on their title

As soon as the Los Angeles Lakers won the chip, Johnson tweeted a congratulatory message on Twitter to the Lakers. He praised James for keeping his word by bringing a championship to the City of Angels.

The former Lakers president of basketball operations also said the late Kobe Bryant helped recruit James from Los Angeles during free agency 2019.

Will LeBron James and the Lakers will rehearse next season, giving “The King” a better position in the “GOAT debate”


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