Leading Slovakian extremist sentenced to 4 years in prison for using neo-Nazi symbol


Losing patience with the theaters in the courtroom, Judge Sabova fined her € 500, or about $ 590, for disrespecting the court.

Mr Honz, the prosecutor, told reporters that the court ruling was a victory in Slovakia’s fight against extremism.

“It is a message to all democrats in Slovakia that the courts and the prosecution will defend people who are victims of extremism, violence, racial hatred, fascism or neo-Nazism,” he said.

Rights organizations and many politicians in Slovakia also welcomed the verdict.

“No democracy is immune from the threat of extremism,” a group of local anti-extremist organizations said in a joint statement released Monday. “We are happy that extremism in Slovakia is finally being punished and treated with the proper attention.”

Andrea Buckova, the Slovak government representative for Roma communities, which are often targeted by Mr Kotleba’s party, said the verdict was “the only fair decision possible”. “It is also a satisfaction for all those Marian Kotleba tries to transform into second-class citizens with her rhetoric and hateful actions,” she said on Facebook. “Fascism has no place in our society.”


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