Latest trade talk on Tyler Johnson, Josh Anderson and Patrik Laine – The Athletic


Is Tyler Johnson on the move? It depends on him, of course.

The 30-year-old forward has a full no-trade clause and will have a huge say in how things go, but sources tell me the Lightning approached his camp this weekend to work together on a possible movement.

Normally in these circumstances, especially if both parties want to work together amicably on an exit plan, what you see is that the agent gives one or two destinations. And I think Lightning GM Julien BriseBois and Johnson’s agent JP Barry want to work together.

Which makes trading even more difficult. It is therefore not certain that Johnson will be moved. But the fact that it was one of the first options considered by Lightning, who challenged the cap, makes sense.

One thing to note about Johnson, his full no-trade drops to a modified no-trade on June 15, 2021. So he would have less to say where he might end up next year. But it was also at the time of Seattle’s expansion …


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