Latest coronavirus updates in New York: Monday, October 26, 2020


NEW YORK – Below is the most up-to-date information on news of the coronavirus impacting New York. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page.11:30 am
Governor Andrew Cuomo held a briefing with the latest information on COVID-19 in New York City. Watch the video below.

Daily indicators

  • 82,117 tests carried out on Sunday in New York
  • Positivity in the “red zone” focus areas on Sunday: 3.25%
  • Statewide Positivity Without Sunday “Red Zone” Focus: 1.18%
    • WITH oversampling of the “red zone” focus area: 1.45%
  • NY confirmed deaths from COVID on Sunday: 12
  • NY COVID Sunday hospitalizations: 1,059 (increase of 44)
    • 237 in ICU (increase of 10)
    • 118 intubated (no increase from day to day)

Micro-cluster zone updates

  • All red zone positiivity rates have been going down since we started, Cuomo says
  • Brooklyn Red Zone Focus Area
    • Current 7-day moving average: 4.19% (vs. 5.29% between October 11 and October 17)
  • Rockland Red Zone Focus Area
    • Current 7-day moving average: 4.08%. (vs. 4.54% between October 11 and October 17)
  • Orange red zone focus area
    • Current 7-day moving average: 2.58% (vs. 4.62% between October 11 and October 17)
  • Positivity rate of all red areas
    • Current 7-day moving average: 3.93% (vs. 5.05% between October 11 and October 17)

New Instagram challenge #MaskUp

  • Started Monday October 26 on Instagram
  • All are welcome to join in and encourage others to wear masks
  • Post a mask selfie and explain why you #MaskUp, and challenge five friends to do the same

New #MaskUp campaign with designers from New York

  • NY Partners With The RealReal And Dozens Of New York Fashion Designers To Launch “Mask Up”
    • Campaign to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts and encourage everyone to wear masks
    • Every week – for five weeks – The RealReal will unveil new designer masks for sale
    • Profits will go to COVID relief charities
    • Example: The limited edition “New York Tough” mask designed by New York designer Public School will be released as part of the five week campaign
    • Full list of designers involved below:

10 hours
Mayor Bill de Blasio shared the latest news on the progress of reopening COVID in New York City. Watch the video below or click here.

Early voting in New York

  • About 193,915 people voted in New York on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Elections Office should increase the number of voting machines and ensure that there are sufficient staff at these sites.
  • Changes must be made immediately.
  • Find your poll site:

Schools in New York

  • “We knew it would be a very, very difficult year,” said de Blasio.
  • We have proof that schools are safe.
    • Latest Random Testing Info: Test Positivity Is 0.15%
  • DOE attendance numbers
    • Over 280,000 children attending school in person.
    • 85.3% attendance each day (82.9% in person, 85.5% remotely)
  • The “opt-in” period for students to participate in blended learning begins November 2-15. (

Daily indicators

  • COVID hospitalizations: 75 (28% positivity rate)
  • New COVID-19 cases reported on average over 7 days: 551
  • Percentage tested positive: 1.74%
  • 7-day moving average: 1.73%

Questions and answers

  • Early Voting: Do you agree with what the AOC said that long lines are a form of voter suppression?
    • It’s remarkable how people want to participate. When electoral authorities do not facilitate voting, they discourage voters. The Election Office should be abolished or replaced and managed by a municipal service.
  • What should be done about these changes?
    • What we need is a larger solution. It just doesn’t make sense. How is the electoral system run by party officials rather than non-partisan officials? I would like to team up with the governor to abolish this and create something different.
  • Isn’t it the governor’s responsibility to work on this?
    • It is a state regulated agency.
  • There is a stipulation in the CitiField that you can block who owns the Mets. Can it be done?
    • Because the land on which CitiField sits is owned by the city, the city has a say whenever there is a change in ownership.
  • Schools: reports parents are dealing with broken devices and no internet, they are told they will be notified by children’s services, etc.
    • Mayor: “I am very distressed to hear this.” It’s hard to communicate when they’re not in person. If a family reports a problem, it means they are trying to resolve the problem. If a family isn’t in contact at all, that’s the problem and the DOE should get in touch with them. If there is contact, we should not punish them.
    • Chancellor: Technology issues need to be reported to the school and we need to resolve and contact them. Parents must also register with us.
  • City-wide participation: How does it compare to pre-COVID participation?
    • It’s lower and it’s understandable. Our mandate is to recover pre-COVID participation
    • Chancellor: When we switched to distance learning in March, it was obvious that attendance policies needed to be changed. This year, we have strengthened the presence processes. Before COVID, overall attendance was around 91% over the past five years. There are really three categories of attendance assessed each day: blended learning (hybrid and distance learning), fully distance students.
  • Broken / defective devices: are they new? Are they refurbished?
    • We did a massive distribution of hundreds of thousands of iPads. Things happen to technology. It is not uncommon for there to be problems along the way. Sometimes support can be provided over the phone or it can mean that a new device is needed.
  • Long queues and voter discouragement: most people are in fact patient. What should the BOE do?
    • They need more machines and more staff to cope with the larger demands for early voting.
    • I’m not saying it’s not a conspiracy or a tactic to discourage voters, but we want to make it easier for them.
  • Indicators: We have crossed the threshold of 550 new cases on a 7-day moving average:
    • We still see the other indicators quite stable, which means the overall picture is ‘still good’, but we have to be very careful.
  • New York City Civil Unions plan to sue city and state over protests etc. Comments?
    • There has been a conscious effort between the police and the communities. We have seen fundamental changes. What we want and believe in is a better relationship between everyone, but the underlying concept is not right.
  • Woman Pushed On Railroad Tracks: What Is ThriveNYC Doing To Help With The Mentally Ill At Subway Stations?
    • If we see additional needs in the subways, we will. In terms of ThriveNYC, people can contact and connect anyone to mental health services.
  • The mayor’s management report shows that there has been an increase in appeals. But the problem is connecting people to these resources.
    • We have seen a lot of examples of people logging into the services. When that doesn’t happen, we need to fix the issues.
  • Private school in Forest Hills: Principal says they have to do mandatory weekly tests – will private schools get help paying for these mandatory COVID tests?
    • Our city department. Will help any non-public school to help them get the necessary tools (free of charge) and provide them with the necessary support.

The latest official issues:
As of Sunday, there were 495,464 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 25,730 confirmed deaths in New York City, according to the Department of Health.

COVID-19 timeline: How the novel coronavirus is spread

Tips to protect yourself and others from coronavirus outbreaks

The New York State coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also published here


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