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“I feel like I’m working really hard to keep all of these doors closed in my mind, to try to keep all of these scary thoughts out of my head. Most of the time it works. But not today. “

Believe it or not, it’s been almost eight months since most U.S. states and many countries around the world issued stay-at-home orders because of COVID-19 … and suffice it to say this year has been a very long decade.

Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who has been quarantined with his wife, writer Emily V. Gordon, who is also at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, is also feeling the stress of the lockdown.

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The big sick, which the couple wrote together, talks about Emily’s diagnosis of Still’s disease and the start of their relationship.

In a series of tweets on Sunday morning, Kumail explained how he and many people are feeling eight months after the start of the pandemic.

I am sorry. I am generally a very optimistic person & amp; have fought to stay positive in recent months. But today, it’s hard. We’re heading for a huge Covid & amp; the people who are supposed to protect us do nothing & amp; blame us for being concerned.

We have been in quarantine for 8 months because my wife is in a high risk group. We feel disappointed with our country. But it’s not about us. We are the luckiest. Over 226,000 people have died. It’s so many destroyed families. People have lost their homes, their jobs.

Experts fear that with the return of children to school and people spending less time outdoors, the number of cases could increase dramatically in the fall.

He criticized the current administration for the way it has handled the virus, but also spoke of the desperation he feels when things like wearing a mask are projected as a sign of weakness.

Wearing masks is a sign of weakness. Protecting your friends, family, neighbors is a sign of weakness. Getting your heart broken every day by an increase in cases is a sign of weakness. Fearing that the next text will contain unthinkable news is a sign of weakness.

“I feel like I’m working really hard to keep all these doors closed in my mind, to try to keep all these scary / sad / devastating thoughts out of my head. Focus on the positive. Donate to good causes. People are doing a fantastic job there. Most of the time it works. But not today. “

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“I guess I have nothing constructive to say. Just be careful. I’m afraid we have a few bad months ahead of us. And I feel hopeless and helpless today. In fact, please respond with the worthy organizations we can donate to. . I’ll try to get back to optimism now. ”

Some celebrities echoed Kumail’s statement, such as Sara Bareilles and Rachel Dratch.

Fans also tweeted their agreement and appreciated his honesty.

All of my feelings of frustration and hopelessness, captured in one thread. https://t.co/RqdUqYPedp

No matter what you think of it in a political context, there’s no denying that the pandemic has made this year very, very difficult for a lot of people.

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Kumail’s lyrics are also a useful reminder that, despite so much beyond our control, we can controlling our own actions like wearing a mask and social distancing, which in turn can help keep many people from getting sick.

And it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and tired at this point! While we will eventually come out on the other side of this, the current state of the world is enough to wreak havoc on anyone’s sanity.


Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you get the support you need.

So be kind and patient with yourself! A lot of people feel what you are feeling.

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