Kristi Noem believes she nailed her state’s Covid-19 response. She did not do it.


“I will continue to trust the South Dakotans to make informed and informed decisions for themselves and their families. I also ask that we all show respect and understanding to those who make choices with which we do not agree. Our trust in data and in others has paid off. This is a testament to the people of South Dakota – our greatest weapon against this common enemy.«

If there is an epicenter of the coronavirus resurging in America, then South Dakota just might be.

And yet, Noem seems oblivious to all of these data points. Instead, her editorial largely defends her essentially hands-off approach to the virus in the state to date – she has never issued a stay-at-home order, for example – while arguing that there is no need for a mask. warrant at this point.Here is Noem on the masks:

“There are many others who question the effectiveness of masks, and the people of South Dakota should take the time to read this information so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. As I said before, if people want to wear a mask, they should be free to do so. Likewise, those who don’t want to wear a mask shouldn’t be ashamed to wear one. And the government should not demand it. We have to respect everyone’s decisions – in South Dakota we know that a little courtesy can go a long way.

“Recently a doctor from South Dakota wrote to me thanking me ‘for treating your fellow South Dakota people like adults …’ I’m telling you because there are also health professionals from South Dakota. who wrote to me to express their concerns about expressing their thoughts on the situation. ”

It’s positively Trumpian!

Many people suggest that masks may not work! Masks are about personal freedom, not public health! A doctor thanked Noem for taking such a laissez-faire position on masks!

Come on. Wise up. Or, at a minimum, check out this graphic from the Washington Post correlate states where mask wear is prevalent (and not) with people reporting knowing someone with symptoms of Covid-19.

The masks work to significantly slow the spread of the virus. They remain – until a vaccine is widely available – our best tool in the fight against Covid-19. It is not a political or partisan statement. It’s a fact.

Why does Noem refuse to acknowledge the facts about the virus – even as it wreaks havoc on her condition? Because she has her eye on a higher price, a potential place on the national ticket in four years. Noem openly courted Trump – she ordered a miniature Mount Rushmore with her face engraved on it! –And her supporters diligently since she was elected South Dakota’s first female governor in 2018.

According to the South Dakota TV station KOTA, Noem visited North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Missouri, Oregon, Minnesota, Florida and New Hampshire as Trump’s surrogate during this campaign.

Aligning so closely with Trump in his response to Covid-19 may well be a smart strategic move for Noem as the party looks to its future national candidates in 2024. But for the people of his state, Noem’s actions with regard to the virus have been downright deplorable.


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