Kim Jong-un unveils huge ballistic missile, threatens to “fully mobilize” nuclear force


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Saturday warned his country would “fully mobilize” its nuclear force if threatened as he presided over a military parade in which the country unveiled what appeared to be a new ballistic missile intercontinental and other additions to its growth. arsenal of weapons.

Edited footage from the parade shows a military vehicle carrying the missile, believed to be larger than anything previously shown by the country.

Mr Kim said North Korea will continue to develop “self-defensive deterrence” as he accuses international sanctions, extreme weather conditions and the coronavirus pandemic of preventing it from providing economic prosperity.

He stressed that the country’s missiles serve as a deterrent before continuing to say, “If any force harms the security of our nation, we will fully mobilize the strongest offensive power preemptively to punish them.”

The parade is the first to showcase North Korea’s ballistic missiles since Mr. Kim began meeting with world leaders, including Donald Trump, in 2018.

Kim avoided directly criticizing the United States at the event, as diplomatic relations between the two countries remain at an impasse over disputes over sanctions and nuclear disarmament.

Hwasong-15 missiles were also on display during the parade. North Korea claimed the Hwasong-15 would be able to reach the continental United States during the missile test launch in 2017.

Hwasong-15 missiles were carried on 18-wheel military vehicles during the parade, but the new ICBM apparently was carried on a larger 22-wheel vehicle.

It was speculated that North Korea would showcase new missiles during Saturday’s parade, which took place to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party.

US and South Korean officials said the parade could be used as a show of force at a time when the isolated country was suffering the harsh economic consequences of the pandemic.

The North Korean leader also took the opportunity to tell the North Korean people that he was “ashamed” for not having kept his promises of economic progress for the country.

In a moving speech, Mr. Kim told the North Korean audience, “I am ashamed that I was never able to properly reward you for your enormous confidence.

“My efforts and dedication were not enough to lift our people out of difficult livelihoods.”


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