Katy Perry, Meghan Markle’s neighbor, comments on her wedding dress: “Kate won! “| Royal | News


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now living with their son Archie in California after stepping down from the royal family earlier this year. Their neighbors now include popstar Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom, who welcomed their first daughter Daisy Bloom last month. But it emerged Katy had already made a sharp comment on the dress Meghan wore when she married Harry in the grounds of Windsor Castle in 2018.

Kate told Entertainment Tonight two years ago, “I would have done another fitting. I will never go, to tell the truth! Again, but I love you. “Katy then compared the dress to Kate’s 2011 lace wedding dress, designed by Alexander McQueen.

She said, “Kate, Kate, Kate won. Kate won!

“I’m so happy for them, and you know, I don’t know them from Adam, but it’s amazing what she’s doing with all of this, her humanitarian effort.”

“You know, the fact that she’s a proud feminist, I like it all.

“I support her like any other woman, love her and wish them well. ”

Katy and Orlando bought a $ 14.2 million house next to Meghan and Harry in Montecito this month.

According to Variety, their home has nine bathrooms, sixteen bedrooms, and a five-car garage.

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Meghan looked stunning in her dress, which was designed by Claire Waight Keller, designer Givenchy.

Harper Bazaar Writer Mahalia Chang explained that Meghan chose a cut that would allow her to move around without the fabric of the dress tightening her too much.

She wrote that “the fabric, as well as the triple organza silk used to make the petticoat, is extremely thick, stiff and doesn’t allow much stretch. If one were to risk a guess, you would say that Keller and Markle deliberately chose a more conservative fit along the bodice and sleeves to allow the bride to move and breathe more comfortably in the dress.

She added: ” “If the cut had been tight on the skin – as some suggest it should have been – then there’s a chance Meghan wouldn’t have been able to sit (in the car, or on duty) or move their arms freely, due to the constraining nature of such a thick material being cut so tight. ”

Meghan and Harry quickly set up a new life in the United States after leaving their Windsor home behind to seek financial independence.

They signed a £ 112 Netflix deal to create a variety of documentary series.

The couple have also been outspoken on a number of different issues, including sharing videos of them urging American voters to vote in next week’s election.

Most recently, Meghan spoke about the dangers of social media at Virtual Summit of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women.


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