Kate Garraway says Derek Draper has ‘worrying setbacks’ in painful recovery from Covid


Kate Garraway of Good Morning Britain gave a detailed update on the state of health of her husband Derek Draper as he recovered from a horrific coronavirus battle that left him in a coma.Host Susanna Reid asked Kate how Derek was and how Kate was, and Kate revealed that weather presenter Laura Tobin had reserved her for a massage as a thoughtful gift to help her relax.

Kate said: “There are big highs and big lows, not really big highs, little upgrades and worrisome drops too.

“But the last few days have been pretty stable, so really keep everything going. “

Kate said she worried about bothering people because she didn’t have good news

Susanna asked about the hospital’s restrictions that make her the only person able to visit Derek regularly.

“It’s tough, it’s very tough,” Kate said.

“You fully understand why hospitals have to do this, they have to protect those who are recovering from Covid or who may be facing other serious illnesses.

Derek is in “minimally conscious state” since his medical coma

“But to do that, they have to reduce the number of visitors, so Darcy couldn’t see Derek, his mom and dad haven’t been able to see him for a long time now.

“The fact that they live in Lancashire and that it can go into level two will have an effect because it will be very difficult for them to plead the case to be able to visit.

” It’s difficult. “

Susanna asked Kate if she was angry with the lockdown thugs because of her experience

Susanna asked if Kate’s perspective on people breaking the lockdown rules had changed based on her own experience with the virus.

“Probably,” Kate said. “But I also manage what everyone else manages with the restrictions.

I wouldn’t condemn absolutely anyone because it’s so hard to manage your finances, to worry about maintaining the sanity of your children.

Kate said she was concerned about the mental health of her children Darcy and Billy

I’ve been in a very strange place, and what they could probably do is have a little fun halfway through, outside the house.

“I understand if you don’t have someone in the family who is as seriously ill as Derek, it’s probably a more pressing need on your mind.”

“But I keep coming back to the fact that when I see Derek, I just think no one in the country would want that for someone they love for themselves.”

“This has to be the case for people like Dr Hilary, who are so good at playing by the rules because they want to prevent people from getting into this state,” she added.

Susanna told Kate that she and the team sent their love to Derek, and Kate thanked everyone for their support.

She added that she knew how lucky she was to have the support she has, including friends who book her massages.

* Good Morning Britain broadcast weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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