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Kate, 53, sat alongside Susanna Reid, 49, on Thursday’s edition of Good Morning Britain to host the show. To start the ITV program, the latter asked her co-host and Derek’s wife how her partner was doing in the hospital as he remains in a coma after being diagnosed with coronavirus in March. The mother-of-two explained that her partner is in “stable” condition, but is not yet fully out of the woods as there are still signs of “worrying lows”.

Giving an update on her 53-year-old husband and herself, Kate began, “I’m fine, thank you. Laura [Tobin] arranged for me to have a massage Tuesday night.“Everyone’s okay with Kate’s thing. I’m very lucky, ”she said, before turning to Derek.

“The problem is, I feel like I’m boring everyone to death, really, because it ends up with the same thing that’s stable.

“But, in fact, between times when I’m not talking to you there are ups and downs,” the presenter told viewers directly.

“No big hikes, little improvements and worrisome drops too. But the last few days have been pretty stable, so it’s all crossed over, really.

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“It’s tough and very tough,” the presenter continued, starting to talk about restrictions on visits to her husband.

“You understand why hospitals have to do this – they have to protect those inside who might be recovering from COVID or many other serious illnesses.

“But in order to do that, they have to reduce attendance. [Daughter] Darcy couldn’t see Derek, his mom and dad haven’t been able to see Derek for a long, long time now.

“The fact that they live in Lancashire and that can go into level two will have an effect and it will be very difficult for them to make the case to go and visit if they are in one of those areas with their cases . “

“It’s tough,” she concluded and viewers took to social media to share their thoughts and support for the mother of two.

One wrote on Twitter, “Kate, you need to talk about your Derek more often. So many people think they are invincible and don’t believe or don’t want to believe how bad this situation is – think about your situation all the time – keep Kate strong.

Another added: “Never think you bother us Kate, we love you and I always want updates from Derek. You continue to be an inspiration with your courage and strength. Glad you have a loving support group.

While a third commented, “You are just amazing Kate. One of the most inspiring women I know! Never say you bore us, never! We love you so much. Big hugs Kate.

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Derek was put into a coma in April, days after being admitted to hospital in late March, but her family had to stay at home due to visitation restrictions imposed.

The mother-of-two made the odd visit to see her husband under the strictest measures, although she had mostly spoken to him via FaceTime.

In June, in a touching interview with her colleagues, Kate explained that her partner had tested negative for COVID-19 but that the virus was impacting every part of his body.

Since July and after a three month hiatus, the presenter has returned to Good Morning Britain to host the show during the summer.

The only thing that kept Kate and her family hoping for Derek’s recovery was working on their garden at home.

In Friday’s edition of Gardeners’ World, the mother-of-two said she, Darcy and her son Billy have planted a variety of crops.

Although his wife is yet to come out of the woods, the broadcaster said she would continue to work on his garden to get it ready for his return home.

“The garden is past, present and future in one place. By planting plants and nurturing them to grow, you have hope for the future, ”said the presenter.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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