Kanye West publishes “Dear Future” letter as “New York Times” ad


After announcing his controversial presidential run on July 4 this year, Ye’s late registration resulted in him appearing as a voting option for the president in only 12 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont.In California, he is listed as a running mate under Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente’s American Independent Party (AIP) presidential ticket. Markham Robinson, Chairman of the AIP Executive Committee, said Billboard earlier this month, the party chose West because of his high profile connections, including Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, his religion-influenced political views, and his popularity among voters between the ages of 18 and 25.

Read his “Dear Future” letter in full below.

Dear future,

I still believe in you.
We still believe in you.

Even in our darkest times
We believe.

We believe in a world at peace.
We believe in our people.
We believe in our families.
We will see families anchored in the faith.
Our future holds a better America.
In our future we will HEAL
Hold everyone responsible for love.

Our future will provide future families with a safe
and a safe plan that values ​​every stage of life.
Our future will provide a justice system that deals with
everyone equally regardless of their socio-economic status
status. Our future will provide an education system
which promotes freedom and visionary thinking. Our
a happy and healthy future is like the new garden of
Eden with running children and overwhelmed old people
with joy to see how beautiful our world has become.

Our future has homes for everyone.
Our future has food for everyone.
Our future has love.
Our future is without debt, shame, guilt, worry,
Stress, war, greed, hatred, abuse of power, prejudice,
manipulation and discrimination.

Jesus loves everyone.

When I close my eyes I see our God providing us
with a bright future. I feel like a child the night before
Christmas when I think about our future.

Dear future,
I still believe in you.

I know the world will get better, but you need
us as a people to be healed. You need us to hold everyone
responsible for love.

God is love.

Let’s drive with love. Our future awaits us.


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