Kansas City Chiefs sign RB Le’Veon Bell; What’s next for the Miami Dolphins’ rushed attack?


Welp, the pipe dream is over.

And while it would have been great for the Dolphins to sign a playmaker like Le’Veon Bell, he ultimately chose to get a one-year deal at Kansas City. I cannot fault Bell for making this decision. As I cannot fault the Dolphins for showing their interest.

After Twitter erupted and the world wondered, “Is this the end,” Adam Schefter took to Instagram to let the world know about Bell’s decision.

In the end, Miami was one of Bell’s last two picks. And whether you believe the interest was real or not, the Dolphins aren’t the same team they once were. Where are they? We have seen time and time again that this team sues players or coaches, only to be disappointed.

The maid of honor, some might say.

Here’s a nice list compiled by Keith Beebe from The Phinsider.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s not bad because it is.

Maybe Bell is a disappointment as we saw in New York. But I think he’s somewhere between the player he was in Pittsburgh and his last seasons in New York. And to add this type of player to Miami’s already explosive offense – that would have been fun to see.

But now we are brushing our shoulders and doing some things.

  1. Chan Gailey’s offense is averaging 27.2 points per game. (14th in the NFL)
  2. There’s a good chance the U-turn room will be settled, with the exception of a last minute trade or fire sale by a struggling franchise.
  3. Myles Gaskin continues to be Miami’s # 1 RB by far. (Check the shots) So, does that mean you have to fit into Fantasy or realize it’s our guy, LFG.

  4. Miami continues to seek to churn the list. And despite what some believe, this team will spare no effort to find potential talent.
  5. Jordan Howard’s days in Miami could be numbered. And I wouldn’t have had any problem swapping Howard for Le’Veon Bell. But again, that’s what it is.

  6. The dolphins must find ways to get Matt Breida’s soccer ball. I REPEAT! The dolphins must find ways to get Matt Breida’s soccer ball. His skills may be similar to Gaskin’s, but he’s a playmaker. And playmakers need football.
  7. Finally, many of us thought the Dolphins would be drafting a comeback in 2020. That hasn’t happened, but it looks like Miami will be drafting the RB in the future. EARLY. Or sign one of the superstar free agents in 2021.

Speaking of Myles Gaskin, I’ll get a movie preview of his first six games during BYE week. He also took to Instagram during Le’Veon Bell’s signing to remind the world (and Dolphins fans) that they have a running back.


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