Kamala Harris confronts Montreal owner in bilingual comic


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“She lived in Montreal for five years and it wasn’t just any five years,” Hasselriis said. “Those years, 12 to 17, for anyone, are quite influential and formative. And when I looked at the years that she lived in Quebec, and the fact that they included the Quebec referendum of 1980, I thought to myself, “Wow, she couldn’t have gone to high school during the Quebec referendum and didn’t. not having felt the weight of an enormous democratic exercise in politics ”.

“So when I found out that she was living in Quebec and that it was during the Quebec referendum and that she had an argument with her landlord over children playing soccer in the apartment complex , I just thought it was too good to resist and I want to do a comic book about it.

In her story, Harris’s mother reminds her daughter of the civil rights and anti-war protests they witnessed at home in California and also postulates that the teenager was inspired by the great political battle that was taking place in Quebec. at the time. She says in the comic, “There was a lot of tension. My mother was worried that if Quebec separated, we might have to leave. During this time, I missed playing football. So I continued my campaign. “


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