Justin and Hailey Bieber take party style to the next level


Justin and Hailey Bieber are masters of couple style. The husband-wife duo rarely go out together without perfectly coordinated outfits. Their mode is always in phase, whether on a red carpet or on the street, usually thanks to a strong rotation of designer streetwear pieces. For example, last month they made hoodies for him and his.This weekend, the pair channeled their doubled fashion energy for a night out. Posting a series of “Date night” photos on Instagram, Justin shared his latest cuts and Hailey’s. If you were expecting classic (J-Rod-style) release parts, you would be wrong. Their evening attire was just as cool and streetwear as their casual style. Justin wore a Balenciaga leather motorcycle jacket with a blue button down shirt, gray pants and yellow ankle boots. Hailey, meanwhile, wore an elegant black dress with a patent shoulder bag and mules from Femme Los Angeles, which sold for $ 169.

The combination of casual (Justin) and dress (Hailey) outfits may have resulted in two different fashion trends for the couple this time around, although with a matching black color scheme the looks were still very much aligned. for mandatory photo ops on social networks. . The real question here is, is the matchy-matchy dress-up routine a happy accident or a pre-planned flex for the gram? Either way, it clearly works for them.


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