Julie Chen Moonves Says It’s a ‘Shame’ Guests Let Nicole Franzel Get Away


The old one Big Brother the winners were outnumbered this all-star season. But Nicole Franzel managed to go very far. Julie Chen Moonves shares her thoughts on how far Nicole has come and what it says about other players. [Warning spoilers for the Oct. 23 episode!]

Nicole Franzel stood out on ‘Big Brother 22’

Nicole Franzel is the winner of the ‘Big Brother’ Season 18 Live Finale | Sonja Flemming / CBS via Getty Images

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Big brother 22 brought back former players to give them another shot at winning the prize. Most of the actors have either gone very far in the past or have been very memorable for the way they play. But there were only two people who had already won.

Ian Terry just won Big brother 14 in 2012. Nicole played on Big brother 16 then came back and won Big brother 18 in 2016. They could have been big goals this season because of that, but they lasted awhile.

Ian and Nicole agreed to secretly partner up. When her alliance decided to kick Ian out, she had to let him go.

She reached the last 3

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Nicole went far because she was part of the powerful alliance called The Committee. It included Memphis Garrett, Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott, Tyler Crispen and Dani Briones. She then had a final three with Cody and Enzo Palumbo.

The last three went down to Cody, Enzo and Nicole. She has one final deal with Cody, but time will tell if they’ll actually be the last in Big Brother’s house.

It also means that Nicole has officially spent the most days in the house. Janelle Pierzina previously held the record and is currently 200 days old. Nicole spent 230 days.

Julie Chen Moonves said it was a disgrace to others

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Many players and fans cannot believe that a former winner has a good chance of winning the game a second time. There has been some debate as to whether this reflects Nicole’s skills or the cast’s poor judgment. Moonves wondered if Nicole should get more credit if she qualified for the last two.

“Yes, I would consider that,” the host told Entertainment Weekly. “But when you study it more carefully, it becomes more shameful for everyone to have let it go.” ”

She continued, “However, she won two big, important competitions which were NOT easy. And she won them at pivotal moments in the match when the pressure was on! Now this was awesome and would count more in my book as a juror.

Fans likely won’t know how the jury votes until the final night. But it looks like Moonves also thinks the cast should have eliminated all of the previous winners at this point in the game. No one won. Big Brother more than once, but there is a very real possibility that Nicole will be the first.


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