Judge refuses to return $ 42,000 in cash seized from vehicle last year


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Beaudoin denied having any weapons, but told the agent he was in possession of $ 42,000 for the purchase of a boat when the seller wanted cash from him.

He produced bank documents indicating that he made a cash withdrawal of $ 60,000 from Rutland, but the RCMP officer could not confirm this withdrawal with the bank manager.

A search of the vehicle revealed the $ 42,000 in a shoulder bag. The money was packaged in 10 packages, consisting mostly of $ 20 bills. A police dog provided a positive indication of the presence of drugs in the bag. It was determined that one of the invoices was used by an undercover officer to purchase cocaine in Fort McMurray, Alta.

Beaudoin said he ran his own business buying and selling cars, boats and other vehicles, and it was often a cash business.

He argued that there was no serious issue to be decided in the case and that it was not in the interests of justice to preserve the money. He also claimed that there had been misconduct by the police.

But British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Laura Gerow, noting that the Director did not have a low threshold to justify an interim retention order for the money, rejected his arguments and granted the Director the order requested.

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