John Oliver talks low bar for Trump’s ‘best behavior’ – Deadline


As John Oliver pointed out on Last week tonight the week was, as usual, busy especially with the events leading up to last Thursday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In particular, he focused on Trump’s Mad Week which contributed to an even wilder October.In addition to testing positive for COVID-19, news of Trump’s questionable tax records looms over him – and that includes the recent discoveries of an unknown bank account in China. All of this was offset by the FBI’s possession of texts and emails from what Trump called Hunter Biden’s “hell laptop”.

Text messages and emails chronicle some of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but as Oliver points out, there are a lot of red flags, including the fact that the New York Post the journalist who wrote it did not put his name on it and, the biggest red flag of all, Rudy Giuliani served as the press channel for this story. Just last year, the White House flagged Giuliani as the target of a Russian intelligence operation aimed at providing disinformation to Trump.

Donald Trump snapped up the ’60 minute’ interview, but the show had the last laugh

Oliver said Giuliani’s ability to spot fraudulent information is “not great” at best. He is so “technologically illiterate” that he called a reporter and left a voicemail message more than once and uploaded pictures of himself mocking Asians on YouTube. Just this week he made an appearance in the last Borat sequel where he was seen helping a young woman (who plays 15 years in the film) to remove her microphone. In the same scene, it looks like Giuliani is putting his hands in his pants.

“Any information transmitted by Giuliani should be treated with extreme caution,” Oliver said.

It all preceded Thursday night’s debate, which many journalists found to be a relief. One reporter said it was “fiery but civil” while another said “nobody set themselves on fire”. Oliver remarked that, based on the first debate, the bar was set low.

Even so, Trump continued to spread disinformation, claiming the country was ‘turning the corner’ on coronavirus (which we are not) and said wind turbines are killing all birds (which they are not). they do not do). Trump also responded to Biden’s climate policy with “if you didn’t have a window that would be a good thing” – what Oliver has just called a “strange thing to say”.

Then Trump said he was “the least racist person” in the room. Oliver immediately commented, “It’s strange for several reasons. The main reason was that his family was literally in the room. “He actually throws them under the bus,” Oliver joked.

Oliver goes on to say that when people say Trump was on his “best behavior” Thursday night, that’s actually true. He punctuates this by saying, “His best demeanor is still absolutely appalling because even when the bar is so low to be virtually non-existent … the unshakeable fact is that if you don’t set the bar on ‘nobody caught fire’ Trump will always find a way to disappoint. “


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