John McAfee antivirus arrested in Spain for tax fraud in the United States


Recluse millionaire McAfee has been stopped by the Spanish authorities and is awaiting extradition to the United States.

Computer Antivirus Developer John Mcafee was charged with tax evasion by federal prosecutors. They allege McAfee used candidate names to hide cryptocurrency, yacht and real estate in a plot to evade taxes.

John McAfee was recently arrested for wearing a thong instead of a face mask in Norway. image: Twitter
Mcafee posted this video in August this year and said, “Now that Ghislaine has been stopped, everyone asks me how to avoid being picked up by the authorities who could prosecute you. It’s really simple – a four step process. »Video credit – John Mcafee: Twitter

Spanish authorities were careful not to mention where Mcafee was being held. Mcafee is notorious for hiding his location and after being arrested over 22 times, maybe this time the US justice system has his man.

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