Joe Thornton is a Maple Leaf. Where is it located and how much does it have left? – The Athletic


Things didn’t go exactly as planned the last time the Maple Leafs drew an aging veteran from San Jose to come and race the Stanley Cup in Toronto, but the problem with Patrick Marleau’s signing was twofold: 1) The Leafs overpaid it for too long – a cap of $ 6.25 million on a three-year contract. And 2) The Leafs overexposed him in the twilight of his NHL career.

The Joe Thornton acquisition appears to be different on two fronts.

On the one hand, the Leafs gave only one year to Thornton, 41, with a contract of at least $ 700,000 in the NHL. There’s no risk here in that regard, not like the first-round pick the Leafs ultimately had to pay Carolina to get rid of Marleau’s third year of contract. Thornton is probably a one-size-fits-all, neat, and easy solution.

More importantly: The Leafs don’t have to overplay Thornton like they did with Marleau. He will not record Marleau’s nearly 17 minutes average in his two Leafs …


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