Jimmy Kimmel attacks Trump for contracting coronavirus after making fun of wearing Biden’s mask


On Friday night, Jimmy Kimmel was one of the few late-night hosts to address the utter chaos that has unfolded over the past 24 hours – in which the President, the First Lady, several of their advisers, a number of Republican senators, a trio of White House reporters and Kellyanne Conway have all fallen with COVID-19. President Trump is currently at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center under observation, where he will be hospitalized for several days.“Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t be more 2020…” Kimmel offered at the top of his show, adding, “He’s at high risk because of his age and weight. Fortunately, he has Obamacare, so he’s covered for these pre-existing conditions.

The comic then went on to explain how Trump, who has consistently downplayed the severity of the coronavirus – even though he’s killed over 210,000 Americans and counted – endlessly mocked Joe Biden for wearing “a big mask” and maintaining good social distance.

“You can’t look past the fact that on many occasions Trump made fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask,” Kimmel argued.

After showing a montage of Trump belittling Biden for wearing a mask and keeping away from people in the midst of a global pandemic, the host laughed.


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