Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin try to make SNL debate as ridiculous as reality


Alec Baldwin et Jim Carrey

Alec Baldwin et Jim Carrey
Capture d’écran: Saturday Night Live

All eyes (still watching network TV) were on last night Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live first. Not for rock – but why not for rock? – but for the most recent SNL Superstar comedy singer Jim Carrey will make his debut as Joe Biden. (Hopefully for at least a four-year engagement.) Naturally, the show picked the recent presidential debate as the perfect chill for Carrey to let off steam in her Biden hair, makeup, wig, teeth, and avuncular hoarseness, since that thing was pure black, apocalyptic comedy in the first place.

Of course, that also meant a comeback for Alec Baldwin very dissuaded Donald Trump. (To be fair, Baldwin’s jester Trump didn’t imprisoned babies, immigrants sterilized against their will, or has been credibly accused of sexual assault by more than twenty women-It’s just a lazy comedy.) Face to face (after Carrey’s Biden pulled out a tape measure and moved his podium out of the spitting area) in front of Beck Bennett’s precise and ineffective moderator Chris Wallace, the two Extended cameo political cartoons pretty much followed the absurd scenario of real debate. The writers have attempted to play the absurd, with only occasional success, but admittedly it’s a tough bar to cross.

Baldwin’s Trump interminably interrupted Biden with the volume and grace of a nap-deprived toddler who told him he couldn’t watch Spongebob, while doing manual labor, throwing a crossed fingers oath that he had passed the COVID test pinky-sworn to takeand throw a double «OK» symbols proclaiming he doesn’t even know how to signal white supremacists. (Hey, remember when a sitting president spoke to neo-Nazi thug gangs – boosters Trump ravisIn Biden’s case, Carrey was unusually (for sketchy comedy) overpowered, channeling Biden’s usual laid-back style as he unsuccessfully fended off cumshots, lies, and the occasional racist term while also referring to his earpiece for self-help relaxation bands. (Courtesy of Harry Styles, for reasons.)

Still, things derailed fairly quickly, Biden finally broke – as Biden did – to have Trump shut up with all this noise. After Trump pulled out the laser pointer to distract Biden (here at last Carrey burst a physical schtick) it was up to the episode another eagerly awaited guest star to intervene and put in Converse down. That’s right, Maya Rudolph has also signed on to (again, hopefully long) reprise her star Kamala Harris for her former home show, here adopting the only tone one could imagine using on a pair. bickering little boys like Carrey and Baldwin’s Biden and Trump. “Let Mamala go to work,” Rudolph’s Harris told Biden in embarrassment before eliciting a reluctant apology from an intimidated Trump. Later, Biden himself managed to lock Trump in by pulling out the magic remote control that many America wished they had last Tuesday. As Biden addressed the audience directly with Baldwin’s Trump happily frozen in place, he might not be Kamala Harris, but at least his slogan (“Make America Not Actively On Fire Again”) has a welcome ringtone.


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