Jewish actor Sacha Baron Cohen says lies and hate threaten democracy


Jewish actor Sacha Baron Cohen wrote an op-ed expressing fear that democracy will be destroyed by “a flood of hatred, lies and conspiracy theories.” The editorial was published in Time Thursday and in it, Cohen used a number of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to underscore his fear that the spread of disinformation is a threat to democracy. Cohen explained why he felt the need to speak out, saying he was “really terrified – for the survival of democracy itself”. He pointed to US President Donald Trump and Facebook as the causes of the proliferation of conspiracy theories and lies that he said are being used to “gain power and subjugate others.” “Trump averages 23 lies a day,” Cohen says and is a “coronavirus conspiracy theories super-broadcaster.” Cohen also explained his concern that the Facebook platform is “a megaphone that the worst autocrats in history could only dream of” and wrote that Facebook ” [s] a platform for white supremacists and Holocaust deniers. “Cohen fears for democracy in the face of the spread of conspiracy theories in part because of their circulation. “Studies show that people are especially likely to conspire in times of great uncertainty when they feel a loss of control over their lives and want answers to make sense of the world,” Cohen said.He called the blood libel myth that Jews killed Christian children in order to use their blood for rituals “the oldest conspiracy theory in the world.” Baron Cohen also mentions QAnon’s conspiracy theory and says it is “an unmistakable echo of the defamation of anti-Semitic blood.” In his conclusion, Cohen called for people to vote, saying that “the fate of American democracy now rests with the voters and if they stand up in record numbers.” and choose the truth over lies. “


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