Jeremy Pruitt delivers message to Tennessee fans after Alabama loss


Tennessee, as expected, took one to the chin on Saturday against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The No. 2 ranked team in the country had their way with the Vols, which came out of an embarrassing performance against Kentucky the week before.

After a 2-0 start, Tennessee fell to 2-3. Jeremy Pruitt is now 0-3 against Alabama as the Tennessee head coach, but it’s the general lack of progress that has been shown that makes the loyal volunteers feel helpless at halfway through. the season.

Jeremy Pruitt now finds himself feeling a bit of heat, just weeks away from the full support of the fan base. After Saturday’s loss, Pruitt addressed some of those concerns.

“I understood the passion, the energy, the expectations of Tennessee football,” Pruitt said after the loss. “When I took on the job, I knew exactly where it was, exactly, okay? That’s why I wanted the job. I wanted this job because I wanted to get it to where it’s supposed to be. It’s a hell of a challenge, I’m happy to have accepted the position. I am delighted to be here, I am not discouraged. The people in our program are not discouraged. I know where our program is going and we will get there.

Alabama finished Tennessee at 48-17 on Saturday.

Jeremy Pruitt now faces a critical week off, tasked with stopping the bleeding before an interesting game in Arkansas in 13 days. His team’s reaction there may well determine how the rest of the season unfolds.


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