It’s a party at Gatsby mansion. No dancing, please.


Eynon, standing outside, said she was relieved the show was finally up and running. The new security measures were all in place, Eynon added. In addition to the temperature controls at the door, there was an air filtration system that swirled around the interior, cleaning the air every six minutes, she explained, and every room was treated with it. of ultraviolet light to kill germs between performances.

In interviews with eight members of the public upon their arrival, only one expressed concerns about the coronavirus. “I’m worried about being inside,” said Michael Jing, a 24-year-old college student, who was dating his girlfriend. “But I think I won’t have a chance to go to the theater in the future, so I want to try.” “

Inside the glamorous main room, which featured a bubbling fountain and lots of gold Art Deco decor, members of the public were guided to their tables where they ordered drinks from masked waiters.

At first, it was difficult to escape thoughts of the pandemic. Rosy Rosenthal (Hugh Stubbins) kicked off the show by standing on the bar and declaring a very anti-Gatsby set of rules, the main one being that attendees should never leave their seats unless a cast member doesn’t invite them.

“Put on those masks, let’s rock this party,” he said in closing.

But once that was resolved, the changes to the series were quiet. When audience members were taken in to watch the immersive scenes, the characters gave them subtle reminders to sanitize their hands. “Let’s freshen up,” Nick Carraway said. “It’s New York, you never know who hit what,” he added.


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