Islamophobia is on an alarming rise in France with the closure of 73 mosques and Islamic schools – arts and culture


Growing intolerance despite the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting France which has experienced an alarming spike in Islamophobia since January 2020 and has closed 73 mosques and private Islamic schools. According to the French Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, it was a question of fighting against “radical Islamism”, however, this seems to be a step in the footsteps of China in violation of cultural and religious rights.

During a recent press conference, Darmanin affirmed that “in September, 12 places of radicalization were closed (shops, schools outside contracts, places of worship, etc.) or 73 places closed since the beginning of the year (sic) ”. If the structures “having an affiliation to” radical Islam “remain questionable,” an undeclared mosque, an Islamic cultural and associative establishment, an Islamic school without a contract, five stores and four outlets “are among the places targeted by authorities.

He revealed that due to their alleged connection to “radical Islam”, several outlets have been closed, which is ironic since these outlets sell alcohol and their consumption is prohibited in the city. Islam. In one of his tweets, Darmanin said: “One of the essential roles of the state is to ensure that illegal schools do not replace schools in the Republic (sic).”

As French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this month unveiled a plan to defend France’s secular values ​​against Islamist radicalism, describing Islam as a religion “in crisis” around the world, Darmanin said: “We must expel 231 foreigners from French territory, who are residing here illegally, and are being prosecuted for extremism, including 180 in prison. ”

This is not the first time that such a measure has been put in place to curb the spread of Islam, which is the second most professed religion in France behind Christianity. Former French leaders have also attacked the free choice and rights of young Muslim women by implementing measures such as banning students wearing the hijab or headscarf at school and banning masks.

However, none in the modern era of France has directly criticized Islam as a religion or violated cultural rights like those of Macron and Darmanin.

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